Hello there, and welcome to my blog!

I consider myself to be your semi-average twenty-something psychology student, though I suppose that depends on your definition of average.

My passions lie predominantly within reading and writing, music, and animals, and I pride myself on being extraordinarily curious about the world and people around me. Highly introverted and generally comfortable in my own company, I tend to be an observer and listener above anything else, though there will be the occasional people who get to see the more rambunctious, spontaneous, and playful side to me.

I am currently studying psychology and English at the University of Oregon, and it is my hope to eventually work with children who have cancer and their families. Beyond this, I have long dreamt of being a published author, and I strive to work toward that goal as often as I can.

I am a proud owner of two dorky and purrfect cats: Felix and Ivy. It is they who most often keep me sane as I stumble (usually gracelessly) through life.

This blog’s topics will likely cover a myriad of musings ranging from random introspection, to my favorite books and funny cat stories, to my experiences, challenges, and triumphs as both a person who is totally blind and who has struggled with anxiety and depression over the last several years. It seems to be a common trait among people around my age to believe we are unique within our struggles, isolated within our difficulties, and bound to fail unlike the many who came before us. I have resonated with that sensation of being so utterly alone many times, and it is my hope to share stories and insights that bring people together whether in amusement, curiosity, or familiarity.